Swimming Pool Pressure Testing

swimming pool pressure testing

The swimming pool pressure testing will be carried out after completion of the surrounds plumbing. The pipe length to be tested may be blanked off using a blanking plate previously drilled and tapped for swimming pool test equipment connection. The Swimming Pool Pressure Testing should not be carried out against closed valves.

Previous to testing, care should be taken to make sure that all solvent welded joints in the pipe system have developed full strength. Right support and anchorage of any above ground sections of the pipeline are also necessary. Pipelines at level 23 will be passing through trench works through previously installed puddle flange pipe and pass through the pump room at level 22A. while the pipeline for water feature will be anchored to the ceiling after proper coordination with other services.

With the standpipe, valves and pressure gauge assembled, filling of the main can begin. The water supply shall be provided by the contractor adjacent to the test positions for the hydraulic testing. The main should be charged slowly, preferably from the lowest point with an airlock in the “open” position. They should be closed in series from the lowest point only when water, visibly free from aeration, is being discharged through them.

Swimming Pool Pressure Testing can then begin by pumping slowly until the required pressure is attained. The hydrostatic testing requirement will be at the discretion of the responsible Engineer but should not exceed 1 ½ times the designed working pressure of the lowest rated component in the system and a time duration of 24 hours. In this case, the test pressure will be 3 bar.

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