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Bagrat ISO 110 Suppliers in Dubai - UAE

Bagrat ISO 110 Suppliers in Dubai

We Infinite Leisure is the Bagrat ISO 110 Suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujeirah and Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. Bagrat ISO 110 is a fully synthetic liquid silicic acid product especially developed for the building industry. ISO 110 has a good wetting and creeping ability. ISO 110 is especially tuned to the complex chemism of the building materials. The meta stable solution that contains the silicic acid dissolved as macro-molecules reacts immediately to the changes of the environment within the building structure by forming practically insoluble calcium silicates. By the response the capillaries within the building concrete structure are narrowed to the extent that liquid water can no longer go through. The sealing is practically indefinitely durable. ISO110 is resistant against frost – it can therefore also be used under low temperatures.

Concrete Repair Chemical Suppliers in Dubai – UAE.

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Concrete is used in a broad variety of concrete structures including buildings, bridges, dams, garages, water tanks, etc. For many concrete structures, concrete plays a huge role. As a result, it is necessary to keep the concrete properly treated and protected. It is also critical to repair the concrete when necessary.

Concrete needs to be protected. It deteriorates over time for several reasons. The most common forms of concrete deterioration are due to corrosion of embedded uncoated steel reinforcement from chloride contamination or carbonation. Deterioration may also be a result of improper coating. Less common reasons for deterioration include surface erosion due to water, equipment, and chemical attack. It is important that the concrete coating is corrosion, impact, and wear resistant and accompanied by a waterproof lining. This can minimize risk and prolong the need for repair.


Ranges of application:

  • Sealing cracks in concrete, masonry, foundations, sewage treatment plants, water containers.
  • Sealing basements against penetrating water.
  • Hardening old and new concrete, sandstone, bricks and increasing the abrasion resistance of concrete.
  • Hardening and injecting building structures.
  • Protecting building components against aggressive water and carbonic acid.
  • Resistance against frost and de-icing salt according to E-standard.
  • Improved protection against corrosion and much more.
  • Bagrat ISO 110 is the best concrete repair chemical.

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