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swimming pool equipment supplier in dubai

We Infinite Leisure is swimming pool equipment supplier in Dubai, and also supply & install the swimming pool equipment in Sharjah. We supply & install swimming pool lights, pool inlet fittings, swimming pool vacuum point, overflow pool drain, main drain for swimming pool, swimming pool ladders, pool deck box, pool chemical feeder, swimming pool light transformers and swimming pool cleaning equipment in Dubai.

The installation of pool fittings to be carried prior to the completion of the pool tiles finishes. The pool fittings installation to be closely coordinated and the tiling around the pool fittings to be fixed after the installation of the inlet/drain.

Swimming Pool Inlet Fittings:

  • Pool inlet 2″ male thread. inner 50mm dia for glueing. Made in ABS plastic. Can be installed with wall conduits or normal high-pressure pipes.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Fittings:

  • Pool vacuum fitting comes in ABS plastic.

Swimming Pool Gutter Drain Fittings:

  • Body and grille come in ABS & S.S fittings. Screw in stainless steel. To be glued to 63mm dia pipe. mainly pool gutters and to be used as a lateral suction point for pools using the Net’n’Clean in-floor cleaning system. The maximum recommended flow rate is 7m3/hr.

Swimming Pool Skimmer:

  • All exposed swimming pool Skimmer parts are UV resistant. In white ABS plastic fittings with quiet weir flap and flow regulation plug. G 1 1/2″ female and G 2″ male threaded lower suction connections. 50mm dia solvent connection also provided. Overflow connection 40mm Dia. Basket secured to base with bayonet fixing. Recommended flow 5m3/hr. It is recommended installing one pool skimmer for every 25m3 of water surface area.

Swimming Pool Base Drain Fittings:

  • Pool main drain ring support and grills in white ABS and stainless steel fittings.

Swimming Pool Ladders:

  • Pool ladder fittings are of two types (Overflow Type & Skimmer Type). Ladder width 50mm. Handrails in hand polished stainless steel 43mm dia pipe. With anchoring fixtures and earth connection. With added to twice safety step and increased overall height in accordance with EN 13451 standard. Rails and non-slip deluxe steps in AISI-316.

Swimming Pool Light Fittings:

  • Pool light supplied with a niche for embedding in the pool wall. Manufactured in PS. PAR 56, 300W/12V halogen lamp. The niche allows the option of cable to pass on the side or on the bottom. with M-25 threads. There are many pool light types, led pool light, colouring changing swimming pool lights, low voltage pool lights, 50W mini pool light and LED colour changing pool lights.

Swimming Pool Safety Transformers:

  • One model for all possible applications. The transformer gives each lamp the intensity (voltage) that they need internal thermal protection. When overloaded, this protection decreases the temperature of the swimming pool transformer, without stopping.

Swimming Pool Deck Box:

  • Pool Deck box manufactured in ABS fittings, made up of three 3/4″ inlets/outlets M-25 and 3/4″ thread connections.

Swimming Pool Equipment Chemical Feeder:

  • Chemical tablet feeder. Manufactured from unalterable plastic materials (ABC). With regulation valve, manual purge. Venturi automatic depression purge, and opening key. For swimming pools up to 45m3 with Dossi-5 dispenser and up to 90m3 Dossi-10 dispenser.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment Dubai:

  • Pool Vacuum Head
  • Pool Brush
  • Leaf Net
  • Algae Brush for Pool Cleaning
  • Floating Vacuum Hose for Suction
  • Telescopic Handle to Cleaning the Pool
  • Ph & Chlorine Test Kit
  • Leaf Bag to remove surface pool garbage

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