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Ultraviolet Sterilization, UV Sterilizer

Ultraviolet Sterilization

We Infinite Leisure is the Ultraviolet Sterilization Suppliers in Dubai provides the best pool ultraviolet system and below are the top brands in the UAE’s market.

  1. Astral Spain
  2. BIO UV France


The Ultraviolet Sterilization unit comes with all internal components fully assembled and ready for installation. It only has to be plumbed into the pool circulation system.

The equipment must be installed with a bypass valve along with the piping work so that air can be bled out of it during purging.

Care should be taken to ensure that all the supply circuits are disconnected.

The Ultraviolet Sterilization reactor is then mounted on the wall and fastened with drilled insert anchors.

The Ultraviolet Sterilization should not be touched with bare hands, as these would leave impurities that shorten the life of the lamp instead it has to be held by its holding clamp and inserted into the reactor.

The quartz tube-sealing nut is tightened and then the plumbing connections are done to it.  It is mandatory to install the incoming, outgoing and bypass valves along its plumbing line.

The entire assembly shall be inspected and approved.


Care should be taken to ensure that the Ultraviolet Sterilization is properly mounted on the pool plumbing system. A check list should be adhered to prior to filling of the swimming pool.

During the starting stag,e the inlet valve is slowly opened to fill the system with water.

For purging the air, the valve upstream of the reactor has to be closed and the drain plug has to be unscrewed until the water has forced itself through the system. Then only can the drain plug be re-tightened?

The system has to be checked for water tightness by ensuring leakage free joints on the plumbing ports. The joints are the solvent welded type which shall be directly glued to the upvc pipework.

The system can only be switched on once it is established that everything is in order. Once the electrical connections of the Ultraviolet Sterilization unit are established the filtration pumps are switched on for the water to circulate into the Ultraviolet Sterilization chamber. Then only the Ultraviolet Sterilization unit shall be switched on which will be confirmed with indicator lamps being lit on.

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