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We Infinite Leisure Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai provides the waterproofing membrane and protection board application services for the following:

  • Swimming Pool Waterproofing in Dubai UAE
  • Water Tank Waterproofing
  • Jacuzzi Waterproofing
  • Fountain Waterproofing

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The substrate must be firm, clean, dry and smooth. An angle fillet should be provided at all wall joints and pipe inserts.


The approved waterproofing primer is applied with standard brushes/ Rollers / Squeezees.


The primed surface should be touch dry before fixing the approved waterproofing membrane.

The membrane is applied single ply and fully bonded to the surface by using a propane torch with a 300mm wide reinforcement at the wall joints.  The membrane will be installed with a 100mm side overlapping and 150mm straight overlapping.

All Pipe and conduit inserts will be dressed with an additional layer of membrane.


BITUPLUS E is a bituminous waterproofing membrane for tank manufactured by blending a mixture of bitumen and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) polymers to obtain excellent waterproofing and low temperature flexibility properties. The polymerized bitumen is coated onto a dimensionally stable reinforcement core of non woven spun bond polyester rot-proof fabric


Start the installation of all membrane plies from the low point or drains, so that the flow of water is over or parallel to the plies, but never against the laps. All overlaps at the waterproofing membrane seams shall be installed so as to have “up” slope laps over “down” slope laps. Begin waterproofing membrane application by unrolling the roll of BITUPLUS E membrane and aligning the side laps. Side overlaps should be a minimum of 100 mm and the end overlaps 150mm.


BITUPLUS E waterproofing membrane for pool is installed by using a cylinder fed propane gas torch. Use of hand-held roofing torch is recommended as it affords a good control. Begin torching the embossed polyethylene side of the rolled portion of the membrane. As the membrane is heated the embossing starts to melt away exposing a shiny bitumen surface. Roll forward the membrane and press firmly with the boot or roller against the substrate to bond well. The propane flame should be moved from side to side and up the lap edge while the membrane is slowly unrolled and adhered to the underlying surface. Caution: Do not over torch the membrane as this will expose the reinforcement and cause damage to it.


Heat both the overlaps and use round tipped trowel to seal the overlap. Adequate heat is confirmed when a uniform flow of melted bitumen compound flows evenly in a bead that oozes from the applied membrane’s edges. Excess compound should be pressed into the seam using a heated trowel. Any un-bonded areas must be lifted and re-torched.


BITUPLUS E should be protected from getting damaged due to the ongoing site activities and during backfilling. Membranes laid on horizontal surfaces can be protected either by a cement sand screed (50mm thick) or by an asphaltic protection board (BITUBOARD)*. On vertical surfaces the membrane has to be protected with BITUBOARD. BITUBOARD can be fixed on the membrane by torching the underside of the board, or with a double sided bitumen adhesive tape (WATERTITE TS 15)*. Please contact our technical service team for specific requirement

The shelf life is 12 months if stored as per recommendations. Excessive exposure to sunlight, UV and other sources of heat will result in considerable deterioration of the product and reduce its shelf life.


BITUPLUS E membranes are tested and conform to the requirements of ASTM and UEAtc 2001.


BITUPLUS E membrane rolls whether loose or on pallets have to be stored vertically in a shaded area, neatly covered by a thick fabric and tied securely in a manner that will minimize exposure to sunlight & UV. The membranes shall be protected from all sources of heat and extreme temperatures.


BITUPLUS E contains a tacky bitumen compound which can stick to human skin during application. Such stains can be removed by using a cloth dipped in a suitable cleaner


After the installation of the water proofing membrane and prior to the installation of the protection board the pool will be filled with water for the water test against leakage. On completion of the filling of the pools the test will continue for a period of 3 days during which the external surfaces of the pool structure will be inspected on a daily basis for signs of any leakage or dampness. If the water test is successfully completed the pool will then be drained and the subsequent activities will follow. However, if the water test fails the pool will be drained, remedial works effected to the waterproofing and the water test will be carried out again.


Upon successful completion of the water test the surface will be allowed to dry and the approved protection board will be fixed partially bonded to the membrane by torching the protection board onto the waterproofing membrane. Protection board will be installed butt jointed.


Bituboard is a multi-layer thermally bonded board, manufactured from selected additives which are bonded together in polymer modified bitumen and then sandwiched between layers of saturated fibre-glass and polyethylene liners. Each board has a polyethylene surface which acts as an anti-stick interleaf while packing.


Bituboard has been designed for use as a permanent protection to most waterproofing and damproofing systems, especially those systems indicated in BS 8102:1990. Bituboard with its high puncture resistance protects the waterproofing membranes from any impact by sharp aggregates during the backfill process and later settlements.


  • Non bio-degradable.
  • Weather, warp and rot proof.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Improved heat resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals.
  • Improved puncture resistance.
  • Compatible with most waterproofing systems Dubai company.


Application of Bituboard should be done when the ambient temperature is between 4oC and 45oC. Application of membranes should be avoided in case of extreme weather conditions such as sand storms , rain, etc. The Protection Boards should be laid continuously by fitting all edges firmly. For horizontal surfaces, butt the Bituboard sheets together. If required, cut the board to fit all intersections and protrusions. On vertical surfaces butt the sheets and hold in place until backfill has been accomplished. Bituboard can be fixed by torch, double sided adhesive strip or with both cold and hot applied adhesives depending on the type of membrane that has been used. Supports/props can be used to keep the boards in place till the adhesive is strong enough to hold the board. It will absorb the impact of aggregate shock, normal site foot traffic, and protect the waterproofing membrane from penetration by the sharp edges of reinforced steel and aggregate during the backfill process and late settlement.


Thickness : 3.2 mm, 4 mm, & 6 mm Size 2 m x 1m Chisel Test : Pass Bitumen Content : > 75 % Puncture Resistance : Static L3, Dynamic l3 Softening Point : 140o C Flexibility at 25o C : Pass Heat Resistance at 80o C : No Flow Water Permeability : Impermeable Chemical Resistance : Excellent


Bituboard is available shrink-wrapped on pallets for easy handling. It should be offloaded with the help of a crane or forklift. If the boards are unloaded individually, please ensure that they are stacked once again on a pallet or on a flat surface.


Bituboard should be stored in a shaded area. Do not stack one pallet on top of the other. It is advisable not to remove the shrink-wrap until the time of application. The pallets must be stored on a flat surface.


Bituboard is totally non-hazardous and non-flammable and therefore stringent disposal measures need not be taken. Please refer to our Bituboard material safety data sheet for further details.


Bituboard might leave bitumen stains on the skin and hands during application. The stains can be removed by using any light solvent. Care should be taken when using tools to cut the boards. Polybit.

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